Medium To Large Blast Booths Garnet & Steel Shot Clean-Up – Spilvac Vacuum

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  • SV-200-D-38-RTG or SV-200-D-50-RTG
  • SV-200-38-D or SV-200-50-D

Medium To Large Blast Booths Garnet & Steel Shot Clean-Up Spilvac Vacuum

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Designed specifically for medium to large blast booths.
  • Choice: Offers four design options for maximum flexibility.

Model Variations:

  • Ready to Go Kit:
    • Models: SV-200-D-38-RTG and SV-200-D-50-RTG.
    • Comes with a 200-litre Australian-made, epoxy-lined steel drum.
    • Drum dolly included for easy maneuverability.
  • Drum-Lid Design: Fits seamlessly onto your existing steel drum.

Included Accessories:

  • 4 meters of anti-static vacuum hose (either 38mm or 50mm based on the model).
  • Vacuum rod set and floor tool that match the hose size.
  • 2.5 meters of self-storing earthing wire and a grounding clip.

Advanced Features:

  • Equipped with two unique sonic air nozzles.
  • Features two cutting-edge Venturi tubes.
  • Option to get either:
    • High Air Flow setup for Garnet clean-up.
    • High Vacuum setup for Steel Shot clean-up.

Performance Metrics:

  • Compressed air usage: 160cfm at 80psi.
    • High Air Flow: Produces 250cfm and 14.4inHg vacuum.
    • High Vacuum: Produces 140cfm and an impressive 18inHg vacuum (4x more powerful than electric vacuums).

Why Choose This Vacuum?

  • Highly recommended by our distributors.
  • Efficiently cleans up both garnet and steel shot.
  • Top-tier design ensures long-lasting performance.

Invest in an air-powered vacuum that truly meets the demanding clean-up needs of blast booths!

The Ultimate Air Powered Vacuum Solution for Blast Booths

When it comes to keeping medium to blast booths clean, having a dependable and powerful vacuum is crucial. Our Spilvac air powered vacuum discussed here offers efficiency and flexibility making it the preferred choice among distributors. Whether you require a “Ready to Go” kit or a Drum Lid design that fits onto your steel drum this vacuum system will fit your needs.

Versatility and Design Choices

A notable feature of the Spilvac vacuum system is its versatility, specifically designed to tackle the challenging environments found in medium to large blast booths. It presents four design options ensuring flexibility to address various cleaning needs. The option to select different configurations empowers users to customise the vacuum according to their requirements thus providing a truly individualised solution.

Variants of Ready to Use Drum Top Vacuum Kits

The “Ready to Go” kits are offered in two model variations; the SV 200 D 38 RTG and the SV 200 D 50 RTG. Each kit comes with a 200 litre Australian made steel drum lined with epoxy for durability and longevity. The addition of a drum dolly enables easy maneuvering and this allows effortless transport of the vacuum within the blast booth.

Both models come with 4 meters of static vacuum hose available, in either 38mm or 50mm based on the model. The included vacuum rod set and floor tool ensure the system is ready for use offering a solution for cleaning up different types of debris.

Incorporating a Drum Lid Vacuum Design for Seamless Integration

For individuals who already own a steel drum the drum lid vacuum design presents a seamless integration choice. This design allows the vacuum system to attach to your existing steel drum maintaining performance and efficiency without requiring drum purchases. This option suits users aiming to enhance their setup with little effort.

Advanced Features Enhancing Performance

The Spilvac vacuum system features several components that distinguish it from other market options. It comes with two unique sonic air nozzles and two cutting edge Venturi tubes that boost its performance capabilities. These elements play an essential role in achieving the superior levels of suction and airflow for effectively cleaning blast booths.

Tailored Air Flow and Vacuum Settings

A noteworthy advantage of this vacuum system is its air flow and vacuum settings.

Users have the option to select either a “High Air Flow” setting, for cleaning up garnet, or a “High Vacuum” setting for cleaning up steel shot. This flexibility ensures that the vacuum is capable of handling different residue making it a versatile tool for blasting tasks.

In the High Air Flow setup compressed air at 160cfm @80psi generates an airflow of 250cfm and a vacuum of 14.4inHg. This configuration is well suited for clearing materials like garnet.

On the hand the High Vacuum setup is designed for challenging clean up jobs producing 140cfm of airflow and an impressive vacuum strength of 18inHg. This configuration boasts four times power than electric vacuums making it perfect for dealing with heavier materials such as steel shot.

Extensive Accessory Package

The vacuum system comes complete with a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure it is well equipped for any task. Each kit includes 2.5 meters of self storing wire and a grounding clip, crucial components, for safety and preventing build up during operation. With these accessories included the vacuum can be used out of the box offering an effective clean up solution.

Impressive Performance Metrics

The performance metrics exhibited by this vacuum system are truly remarkable.

This air powered vacuum is known for its efficiency and power using 160 feet, per minute of compressed air at 80 pounds per square inch. With an air flow setup producing 250 cfm and a high vacuum setup generating 18 inches of mercury vacuum it can handle the toughest clean up tasks effortlessly.

Reasons to Choose The Spilvac Air Powered Vacuum

Recommended by Distributors: Trusted distributors highly recommend this vacuum system for its reliability and effectiveness in real world applications.

Versatility: It efficiently cleans up both garnet and steel shot making it suitable for different blasting types.

Innovative Design: Featuring design elements like sonic air nozzles and Venturi tubes this vacuum ensures long lasting performance and superior suction power.

Durability: Made with top quality materials such as an epoxy lined steel drum this vacuum is designed to withstand the demands of use, in settings.

User Friendly Features: “Ready to Go” kits and Drum Lid design options offer flexibility and convenience allowing users to customise their setup according to their specific needs. For use, in medium to large blast booths this vacuum system is tailored to handle the clean up duties required in such environments. Whether you’re dealing with garnet, steel shot or other blasting materials this vacuum offers the power and efficiency to uphold an safe workspace.Highlighted.Advantages

Why Choose the Spilvac Blact Furnace Vacuum System

Selecting the Spilvac vacuum system is essential for maintaining the effectiveness and cleanliness of your blast booth. This air powered vacuum delivers the performance, durability and adaptability needed to tackle a range of up tasks making it a wise option, for any industrial environment. In summary the Spilvac pneumatic vacuum system is a great choice for medium to large blast booths. Its design options, advanced features and impressive performance make it a dependable and effective solution, for cleaning up garnet, steel shot and other blasting materials. Whether you choose the ” to Go” kit or the Drum Lid design you can trust that this vacuum will efficiently meet your cleaning needs. Investing in the Spilvac air powered vacuum will help keep your blast booth clean, safe and operational.


SV-200-D-38-RTG or SV-200-D-50-RTG, SV-200-38-D or SV-200-50-D