Small To Medium Blasting Booths Garnet Clean-Up – Spilvac Vacuum

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  • SV-120-D-38-RTG or SV-120-D-50-RTG
  • SV-120-D-38 or SV-120-D-50

Small To Medium Blasting Booths Garnet Clean-Up Spilvac Vacuum


  • Tailored for small to medium blasting booths.
  • Dual-powered Venturi head equipped with modern sonic air nozzles.
  • Crafted for noise reduction using internal baffles.
  • A “plug-and-play” solution.

Key Features:

  • Venturi Vacuum System: Features cutting-edge Venturi vacuum tubes.
  • Noise Control: Internal baffles help minimize exhaust sounds.
  • Ready-to-Use Package: Arrives with Drum-Lid assembly.
  • Durability: Comes with a robust 200-litre epoxy-lined steel drum.
  • Mobility: Drum Dolly makes transportation hassle-free.

Attachments & Accessories:

  • Anti-Static Vacuum Hose: Choose between 38mm or 50mm (with a length of 4 meters).
  • Vacuum Wand & Floor Tool: Pairs with the chosen hose size.
  • Earthing Solution: 2.5-meter self-storing earthing wire and grounding clip.
  • Filtering: Standard dry-type filter cartridge included.
  • Enhanced Durability: Drum re-enforcing rings for added strength.

Models & Specifications:

  • Available as: SV-120-D-38-RTG or SV-120-D-50-RTG.
  • Operational Requirement: 100 cfm @ 80psi.

Performance Choices:

  1. High Air Flow Model:
    • 288 cfm.
    • Vacuum strength of 9.8inHg.
  1. High Vacuum Performance Model:
    • 165 cfm.
    • Vacuum strength of 15.5inHg.

Choose the model and performance that best fit your needs!


SV-120-D-38-RTG or SV-120-D-50-RTG, SV-120-D-38 or SV-120-D-50