Small To Medium Blasting Booths Garnet Clean-Up – Spilvac Vacuum

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  • SV-120-D-38-RTG or SV-120-D-50-RTG
  • SV-120-D-38 or SV-120-D-50

Small To Medium Blasting Booths Garnet Clean-Up Spilvac Vacuum


  • Tailored for small to medium blasting booths.
  • Dual-powered Venturi head equipped with modern sonic air nozzles.
  • Crafted for noise reduction using internal baffles.
  • A “plug-and-play” solution.

Key Features:

  • Venturi Vacuum System: Features cutting-edge Venturi vacuum tubes.
  • Noise Control: Internal baffles help minimize exhaust sounds.
  • Ready-to-Use Package: Arrives with Drum-Lid assembly.
  • Durability: Comes with a robust 200-litre epoxy-lined steel drum.
  • Mobility: Drum Dolly makes transportation hassle-free.

Attachments & Accessories:

  • Anti-Static Vacuum Hose: Choose between 38mm or 50mm (with a length of 4 meters).
  • Vacuum Wand & Floor Tool: Pairs with the chosen hose size.
  • Earthing Solution: 2.5-meter self-storing earthing wire and grounding clip.
  • Filtering: Standard dry-type filter cartridge included.
  • Enhanced Durability: Drum re-enforcing rings for added strength.

Models & Specifications:

  • Available as: SV-120-D-38-RTG or SV-120-D-50-RTG.
  • Operational Requirement: 100 cfm @ 80psi.

Performance Choices:

  1. High Air Flow Model:
    • 288 cfm.
    • Vacuum strength of 9.8inHg.
  1. High Vacuum Performance Model:
    • 165 cfm.
    • Vacuum strength of 15.5inHg.

Choose the Model and Performance That Best fit Your Needs

The Ideal Solution for Keeping Small to Medium Blasting Booths Clean Up – Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum

Maintaining cleanliness in medium sized blasting booths can be quite a challenge requiring powerful equipment. The Spilvac Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum is a fantastic solution specifically designed to address these needs. The Spilvac small to medium blasting booth vacuum, with its technology and smart design this vacuum system offers performance and versatility. Here we will discuss the features and advantages of this high power pneumatic vacuum system.

Cutting Edge Design for Exceptional Performance

What sets the Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum apart is its design, which includes sonic air nozzles and advanced Venturi vacuum tubes. These components play a role in providing suction power and effective debris removal ensuring that your blasting booth stays clean and operational. Additionally the system features baffles to reduce exhaust noise making it a quieter and a more pleasant tool to work with.

Ready to Use Model – Convenience and Effectiveness

Delivered as a ” to Go” model this small to medium blasting booth vacuum system offers convenience for users. The package includes an assembly with Drum Lid design that simplifies the setup process. This design facilitates integration with the included 200 litre steel epoxy lined heavy duty drum. This drum is sturdy and long lasting, built to endure the challenges of use in many industrial factory and mining settings.

All Inclusive Kit for Dry Tasks

The Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum kit is perfect for cleaning up substances like garnet and other dry blasting materials. The kit comes with all the essentials for operation;

Antistatic Vacuum Hose: Offered in 38mm or 50mm sizes with a length of 4 metres this hose is designed to reduce buildup and ensure safe usage.
Vacuum Wand and Floor Tool: These attachments complement the hose size providing adaptable cleaning solutions.
Grounding Solution: The package includes a self storing wire of 2.5 meters along, with a grounding clip to prevent discharge enhancing safety during operation.
Standard Dry Type Filter Cartridge: This filter effectively traps dust and debris maintaining an secure work environment.
Drum Reinforcing Rings: These rings bolster the drums strength ensuring its durability and ability to withstand heavy duty use.

Different Variants to Meet Your Requirements

The Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum comes in two model variations suited for needs; the SV 120 D 38 RTG and the SV 120 D 50 RTG. Both models work effectively at 100 feet, per minute (cfm) at 80 pounds per inch (psi) delivering strong suction for efficient cleaning.

Options for Performance – Opt for High Air Flow or High Vacuum

A feature of this vacuum system is its performance choices. Users have the flexibility to select from two setups based on their requirements:

High Air Flow Vacuum Model: This configuration offers a 288 cfm with a vacuum power of 9.8 inches of mercury (inHg). It is well suited for tasks that demand high air flow to handle amounts of lighter debris, such as cleaning up garnet particles.
High Vacuum Performance Model: Designed for tough cleaning tasks, this option provides 165 cfm with a vacuum power of 15.5 inHg. The increased vacuum strength makes it ideal for dealing with heavy debris and ensuring proper clean up is achieved.

Features and Advantages of the Spilvac Small to Medium Blasting Booth Vacuum

The Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum system comes with features that position it as a preferred choice for small to medium sized blasting booths;

Venturi Vacuum System: Utilising advanced Venturi vacuum tubes this system delivers robust suction and efficient debris removal ensuring a clean and safe blasting booth environment.
Noise Reduction: Internal baffles help minimise exhaust noise resulting in quieter operation and enhanced user comfort during vacuum use.
Sturdiness: The durable 200 litre steel drum lined with epoxy is designed for longevity offering superior performance in demanding settings.

The drum dolly included with the vacuum system makes it convenient and easy to move around your workspace. Equipped with a range of accessories such, as static hoses, vacuum wands, floor tools and earthing solutions this system is all set for immediate use.

Tailored specifically for use in blasting booths this vacuum system is ideal for operations requiring effective clean up solutions. Its high powered Venturi head, sonic air nozzles and noise reducing baffles make it a popular choice for maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Known for its versatility and user friendliness the “Ready to Go” small to medium blsting booth vacuum model with Drum Lid design provides great  convenience. Its designed as a plug and play solution so you can start using it without any complicated setup. Its sturdy construction and smart design make it a dependable tool  in any blasting booth setting.

To enhance durability and performance the vacuum system features drum reinforcing rings that ensure lasting use under heavy loads.The standard dry filter cartridge effectively traps dust and debris keeping your blasting booth clean and safe.

Why Should I Buy a Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum?

Selecting the Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum means investing in an efficient and adaptable cleaning solution. Its advanced design features and customisable performance options ensure it can handle heavy industrial vacuum cleaning tasks effortlessly. Whether you require airflow for debris or strong vacuum power for more challenging cleaning jobs this vacuum system delivers outstanding performance.

To sum up, the Spilvac Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum is the best choice for maintaining cleanliness in medium sized blasting booths. Its innovative design, features and customisable performance options make it a versatile and dependable tool for any setting. By opting for this vacuum system you can guarantee that your blasting booth stays clean, secure and operational enabling you to concentrate on other tasks without concerns about debris accumulation. Invest in the Spilvac Twin Powered Venturi Head Vacuum for small to medium blasting booths today. Witness the enhanced efficiency and performance it brings to your cleaning operations. If this model is not large enough for your cleaning requirements check out the Medium To Large Vacuum for Blasting Booths.


SV-120-D-38-RTG or SV-120-D-50-RTG, SV-120-D-38 or SV-120-D-50