Blast Cabinet Vacuum – Spilvac Vacuum

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  • SV-60-D-38-RTG or SV-60-D-50-RTG
  • SV-60-38-D or SV-60-50-D

Spilvac Blast Cabinet Vacuums Overview

  • Product Model: SV-60-D-38-RTG or SV-60-D-50-RTG.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Drum-Lid Assembly: Comes with a robust 200-litre epoxy-coated drum. Also includes a handy drum dolly.
  2. Designed for Dry Applications: Perfect for vacuuming dry substances and areas.
  3. Extended Hose: Includes a 4-meter anti-static hose for efficient cleaning.
  4. Comprehensive Tool Set: Equipped with a floor tool and a matching wand set.
  5. Safety Measures: Features a 2.5-meter self-storing earthing wire with a clip to ensure safety during operations.
  6. High-Quality Filter: Contains a standard dry-type filter cartridge bolstered with drum reinforcing rings.
  7. Efficient Performance: Requires 55cfm at 80psi. Compatible with Nitto Hi Flow Coupler & a 10mm airline.
  8. Superior Power: Offers up to thrice the power of standard electric vacuums.
  9. Long-Lasting: With zero moving parts, its vacuuming efficiency remains consistent for years.

Primary Use: An optimal solution for cleaning Spilvac blast cabinets and the adjacent floor areas in a blasting workspace.

Advantages: Offers a straightforward, secure, and efficient vacuuming method compared to conventional systems.


SV-60-D-38-RTG or SV-60-D-50-RTG, SV-60-38-D or SV-60-50-D