Heavy Duty Vacuum Hopper – Cubevac 800

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Spilvac Cubevac 800: Heavy Duty Vacuum Hopper

Introducing the CubeVac 800 – the latest addition to Spilvac’s range of heavy-duty vacuum systems. Designed and manufactured in Australia, this system is ideal for large-scale central vacuum tasks, from grain pit clean-ups to fly ash cleaning, offering a combination of power and flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • crane lifting lugs allow the system to be positioned for bridge work
  • HEPA Exhaust filter available
  • water separator and regulator
  • large heavy-duty 4T hopper
  • vacuum floor tool The Aspirator tool includes a 4inch tiger hose,20m as standard but can operate up to 40m
  • Compressed Air Powered vacuum recovery system
  • a full pneumatic system with reverse pulse filter cleaning and heavy-duty abrasive resistance manual butterfly valve
  • Pallet sized footprint with fully height adjustable legs to handle Drums, Blast pots, Skips & bulker bags.


The CubeVac Recovery System series allows you to vacuum up all manner of waste or recycling material, the combination of High Air Flow and vacuum allows the system to clean up material from flour to steel shot.

It is designed to be used as a large-scale Central Vacuum System. The CubVac Recovery System can be placed outside a building and then piped inside not unlike a compressed air circuit, or it can be moved around your site to deal with any spills. The system is ideal for grain pits, fly ash cleans out, or general industrial house cleaning.

The system has been manufactured so that it has no electrical components which means that it is intrinsically safe in various environments. simply change the filter cartridge from time to time in order to maintain the full vacuum.

Our Australian-designed and manufactured Compressed Air Powered Cubevac Recovery System is new to the market. Using state the art venturi tubes and sonic air nozzles we are able to achieve very high vacuuming power and great airflow to lift all manner of products.

Vacuum clean-up becomes a breeze more brooms, shaver back aches from manual labor. Clean into the corners and under existing structures using our high-powered CubeVac Recovery system, saving you time and money.

CubeVac Recovery system is a 4-tonne hopper mounted onto a fully adjustable platform and a footprint that allows a standard forklift pallet to be positioned below our heavy-duty manual butterfly valve, its design allows product to be vacuumed into the hopper and then deposited into a blast pot, drum or bulker bag.

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the details relate to the model shown, however, we can configure the system to suit your available air desired performance, contact us to discuss this further.


Technical specification

input—-800CFM air input

output 1190CFM airflow

movement rate 8 to 10 tonnes per hour



Technical specification

Air Input: 800 CFM
Air Output: 1190 CFM
Movement Rate: 8 to 10 tonnes per hour

These details relate to the model shown,however we can configure the system to suit your available air and desired performanec,contact us to discuss this further.