Spilvac is regarded as a leader in industrial, drum, and hopper versions of vacuums. The business accommodates customers at every level of price expectations.

We are unique because of our expertise in designing and developing vacuum generation systems. Every model within our industrial drum top vacuums range matches and exceeds the global market needs.

Drum Top Vacuum

Pneumatic Drum Top Vacuum Feature


Spilvac products produce six times the suction capacity of conventional motor-driven products on the market. All our drum top vacuum products are of high-quality design.

We specialise in vacuums that suit both dry and wet conditions. Besides the standard Industrial vacuums, our engineering team can design products tailored to your specifications.

Continuous product innovation is part of our strategy. With a team of engineers and designers, our products are exceptional. We have many varieties like Blast Cabinet Vacuum, Light Workshop Floor Cleaning Spilvac Vacuum, Small To Medium Blasting Booths Garnet Clean-Up Vacuum, Medium To Large Blast Booths Garnet & Steel Shot Clean-Up Vacuum, Blast Pot & Bulker Bag Loading Vacuum, Blast Pot Loading With Dust Separation VacuumMedium Vacuum Hopper and Heavy Duty Vacuum Hopper.


Our industrial drum top vacuums have an energy reduction component. The products are designed for lower air consumption without compromising performance and quality. The supply chain for our products are based onshore thus minimising the carbon footprint unlike versions of imported vacuums.

Our products ensure that customers utilise less energy and therefore lower running costs and unnecessary waste of energy. Most vacuum systems rely on low-power motors to minimise energy usage. Unlike the Spilvac vacuums, energy conservation is our strategy and at the forefront of our design philosophy.

Supply Capacity

Spilvac is well equipped to supply any quantities based on demand. That includes bulk buyers, individual customers, and industrial orders. Because of our in-house manufacturing arm, CP Metal Fabrication, we can adjust our supply requirements to meet demand.

We don’t outsource engineering and designing.

Up to date with the latest solutions to match your requirements.

Spilvac has a team of in-house staff with the necessary experience to design, develop, test and finalise for manufacturing our products. That makes our high-quality industrial pneumatic drum top vacuums are superior in comparison to the rest of our competitors.

Why should you buy Spilvac Vacuums?

Our experts are always available to answer questions and deliver professional advice. We even go to the extent of providing video feedback on our systems on your product so you can see for yourself how our systems moving your product. We will provide video and technical data on movement rates.

We devote our time to understanding the concerns of our customers. Every customer is valuable regardless of the magnitude of orders or business volumes.

Our products are reliable and manufactured using genuine parts. Unlike the generic ordering system from other suppliers, Spilvac has a manufacturing department. Every product is safe for industrial levels of usage.

Spilvac has a 12-month warranty facility for industrial vacuum systems. We are constantly upgrading our service based on our customer feedback and suggestions. Our dedicated staff encourage the public to express their feedback for service improvement.

Our qualified designers, engineers and tradesmen use high-quality equipment for manufacture combined with 3D printing technology.

Spilvac industrial vaccum range including industrial vacuum wet

Occupational Health and Safety

Spilvac values the health and safety of our customers. Our designs are fitted with antistatic hoses. They also have grounding/earth clamps to ensure the operator’s safety.

This also ensures no static build-up within the drums. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our clients when they use our Heavy Duty Industrial vacuums. Spilvac takes pride in knowing that our customers are safe when using our drum top vacuums.

Key Benefits for Spilvac Clients

 The design process is tailored towards safety, minimising costs and reducing energy consumption. Spilvac vacuums consume less power than traditional vacuums.

Our ability to be nimble and develop solutions, test and provide answers quickly for customers sets us apart.

Clients will enjoy a manufacturer warranty and peace of mind.

Our standard product range will cover 95% of our customers’ needs, but we have developed many bespoke/customised solutions for many years, so if you don’t see the exact solution you’re looking for don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Spilvac welcomes every customer.

Our customer base ranges from small-scale businesses to large-scale corporations.

Some of the key customers operate in the following industries

Business Mission

Our mission is to be the number 1 brand of state-of-the-art industrial vacuums. We aim to be the key supplier of cost-effective, energy-efficient, and safe industrial drum top vacuum products for the purpose of product recovery, movement and clean up of both wet and dry products.