Medium Vacuum Hopper – Cubevac Mini 200

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Cubevac Mini 200: The Ultimate Vacuum Hopper Solution

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Cubevac Mini 200 by Spilvac stands as a testament to innovation and practicality in the realm of waste material management.

Key Features

  • Capacity: Offers a substantial 200 litres waste material storage.
  • Design: Cube-shaped for efficient transportation and shipping container compatibility.
  • Vacuum Power: Impressive suction with up to 18 inches HG (61Kpa).
  • Valve Quality: Fitted with a European-made, Abrasive Quality, Manual Butterfly valve. Also available in optional Pneumatic Butterfly or Pneumatic Rotary Valve variants.
  • Mobility: Options of a 4-wheel design for workplace manoeuvrability or Elevator Legs for elevation and pallet positioning.
  • Forklift Compatibility: Thoughtful design incorporates forklift tine slots for easy elevation or movement on-site.
  • Accessory Inclusions: Each unit comes with a 20 meters x 50mm Anti-Static vacuum hose, a unique 50mm Vacuum wand & Vacuum head set.
  • Filtering: Standard disposable Paper Filter cartridge included, with optional Washable Polyester or Certified HEPA Cartridges.

Versatility At Its Best

  • Material Recovery: Perfect for the recovery of Steel Shot or Garnet.
  • Applications: Can be set up as a Central Vacuum System suitable for both indoor and outdoor factory facilities.
  • Waste Management: Efficient clean-up of:
    • Sawdust
    • Food products
    • Broken glass
    • Cement and lime
    • Fertilisers
    • Brick chips
    • Fly ash and coal dust
    • Grains

Specialised Uses

  • Conveyor belt clean-ups
  • Grain pits maintenance
  • Railway rolling stock servicing
  • Silo vacuuming
  • Clean-up operations at power stations, sugar refineries, Aluminium Smelters, Steel Mills, Ships Holds, and Dry Docks.

With the Cubevac Mini 200, Spilvac has delivered a product that addresses a broad spectrum of waste management needs with finesse and efficiency, making it a must-have in diverse industries.

Transforming Workshop Dust Removal: Meet the Cubevac Mini 200

When it comes to handling dust extraction in workshops, efficiency, capacity and versatility take center stage. Let us introduce you to the Cubevac Mini 200, a groundbreaking solution developed by Spilvac that aims to revolutionise how small workshops manage dust and waste materials. With a storage capacity of 200 liters for waste materials this compact dynamo offers a range of features designed to streamline cleanup operations across different industries.

Enhancing Storage Capacity for Workshop Dust Extraction

The Cubevac Mini 200 is raising the bar for dust extraction in workshops with its remarkable 200 liter storage capacity for waste materials. This ample storage ensures operation without frequent interruptions enabling workshops to maintain their productivity levels without the need for constant emptying.

Efficient Design Tailored for a Workshop Dust Extraction System

Sporting a cube shaped design the Cubevac Mini 200 embodies efficiency from every angle. This design not maximises internal space usage but also ensures compatibility with transportation and shipping containers making the  logistics and delivery processes smooth and hassle free for small workshop environments.

Unrivaled Suction Power

Whe designing dust extraction for workshops suction power reigns supreme.The Cubevac Mini 200 is known for its suction power of up to 18 inches HG (61Kpa) ensuring thorough cleaning of dust and debris from workshop surfaces, machinery and tools.

 High Quality Valve Precision on This Dust Extractor

With a European manufactured high quality Manual Butterfly valve the Cubevac Mini 200 provides control over material flow during extraction. Users also have the option to switch to Butterfly or Pneumatic Rotary Valve versions for customized solutions that cater to specific workshop needs.

4 Wheel Dust Exractor Design Helps Manouverability in Workshop

In workshop setups mobility is key and the Cubevac Mini 200 excels in this area. Whether its a 4 wheel design for maneuvering in the workplace or Elevator Legs for lifting and positioning on pallets this dust extraction system seamlessly fits into any workshop layout.

Forklift Friendly for Smooth Transport of Dust Extraction System

Designed with convenience in mind the Cubevac Mini 200 is compatible with forklifts featuring built in tine slots for effortless lifting or moving on site. This thoughtful feature boosts efficiency by enabling quick and hassle free relocation of the unit within the workshop setting.

Comprehensive Set of Accessories Included

Every Cubevac Mini 200 unit comes fully loaded with accessories, like a 20 meter x 50mm Anti Static vacuum hose and a unique set comprising a 50mm Vacuum wand & Vacuum head.
The accessories enhance the capabilities of the unit providing dust extraction solutions tailored to the specific needs of small workshops.

Customisable Filter Options on the Dust Extractor

The Cubevac Mini 200 focuses on filtration efficiency offering a disposable Paper Filter cartridge. Users can also choose Washable Polyester or Certified HEPA Cartridges for durability and cost effectiveness allowing for filtration solutions for various workshop requirements.

Versatility at Its Finest; Meeting Varied Workshop Needs

From wood workshop dust extraction to waste management the Cubevac Mini 200 excels in versatility. Whether its collecting Steel Shot or Garnet,  functioning as a Central Vacuum System for outdoor factory facilities or effectively handling a wide range of dust and waste materials this powerful dust extraction unit delivers exceptional performance in small workshop settings.

Specialised Applications for Efficiency

The Cubevac Mini 200 goes beyond traditional dust extraction to address specialised workshop needs with precision. From cleaning conveyor belts to maintaining grain pits servicing railway rolling stock, vacuuming silos and conducting up tasks at power stations, sugar refineries, Aluminium Smelters, Steel Mills, Ships Holds and Dry Docks. This adaptable unit effortlessly tackles unique workshop challenges with efficiency.

In summary Spilvac has established a benchmark in workshop dust extraction, with the innovative Cubevac Mini 200. With its blend of storage capacity design, powerful vacuum performance, high quality valves, flexible mobility features, compatibility with forklifts and a wide range of accessories included customisable filters, adaptability and specialised functions this market leading solution is set to transform the way small workshops handle dust and waste management. A must have for workshops looking to achieve efficiency and dependability in their dust extraction tasks.