Light Workshop Floor Cleaning Including Powder Coating – Spilvac Vacuum

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  • SV-100-D-38-RTG or SV-100-D-50-RTG

Spilvac Light Workshop Floor Cleaning Vacuum – Overview

Key Features:

  • Models: SV-100-D-38-RTG and SV-100-D-50-RTG
    • Tailored for workshop floor cleaning.
    • Effective for a range of residues: from metal grinding dust to power coating remnants and Garnet.
  • High Suction Power:
    • Delivers an impressive 17 inches of high vacuum.
  • “Plug & Play” Design:
    • User-friendly and easy to set up.
  • Long-Lasting & Maintenance-Free:
    • Built without moving parts.
    • Hassle-free upkeep; just replace filter cartridges.

Components Included:

  • Drum-Lid Assembly:
    • Powerful feature for dry vacuum tasks.
  • 200 Litre Epoxy Lined Metal Drum:
    • Heavy-duty design ensures durability.
  • Additional Tools & Accessories:
    • Comes with a drum dolly for mobility.
    • Choice of 38mm or 50mm Anti-Static suction hose.
    • Accompanying floor tool and vacuum wand.
    • 2.5-meter self-store earthing wire with a clip.
    • Standard dry type filter cartridge.
    • Drum reinforcing rings to ensure drum stability.

Technical Details:

  • Operates using 80 cfm @80 psi of compressed air.
  • Ensures safe and straightforward vacuum cleaning.


  • A perfect solution for workshop floor cleaning.
  • A one-time investment with minimal maintenance.
  • Simple and safe operation for any user.

Spilvac – Industrial Vacuums for Workshop Environments

Why do You Need Workshop Vacuums?

In any workshop environment where precision and cleanlinessre are priorities, the role of a dependable industrial vacuum system cannot be emphasised enough. At Spilvac we recognise that a productive and safe workspace hinges on its level of cleanliness. That’s why we have devoted ourselves to creating workshop vacuums that not only meet but surpass the expectations of industries. Whether its mining, industrial, repair shops, woodworking studios or cutting edge laboratories our vacuums are engineered to deliver cleaning solutions for both wet and dry waste.

Applications of Workshop Vacuums

Workshop vacuums play a role industrial settings by ensuring work environments remain clean, safe and efficient. Their adaptability enables the effortless removal of sawdust metal shavings, chemical spills and more guaranteeing that work areas are free from hazards and contamination. This versatility is particularly crucial in places like manufacturing facilities where debris can impede productivity and pose health risks to personnel.

Spilvacs Australian Made Quality

As the founder of Spilvac—a brand crafted in Australia—our commitment to excellence originates from our heritage. Operating from Australia gives us an understanding of the markets requirements allowing us to customise our workshop vacuums to suit the specific needs of Australian industries. This local knowledge, combined with our commitment, to delivering superior quality establishes Spilvac as a frontrunner in providing cleaning solutions.

Unrivaled Durability and Performance

At Spilvac we place an emphasis on durability and performance. Our workshop vacuums are built to endure the demanding conditions of different settings ensuring they consistently deliver high quality performance over time. This robust manufacturing prolongs the lifespan of our vacuums. It also equips businesses with a dependable tool that meets their operational requirements without frequent replacements or repairs.

Innovative Technology

Innovation lies at the core of Spilvacs philosophy. Our workshop vacuums incorporate cutting edge cleaning technology, including filtration systems that maintain safe air quality along with powerful motors that provide unparalleled suction capabilities. Our dedication to innovation drives us to explore avenues for improving the efficiency and user friendliness of our products ensuring they stay ahead in the industrial cleaning sector.

Comfortable and User Centric Design

Recognising that usability is just as crucial as performance, Spilvac focuses on designing products that prioritise user comfort and ease of operation. Our vacuum cleaners are designed with user features that make them easy to use, reducing strain and enhancing the overall cleaning experience. The Spilvac brand stands out for its focus on sustainability and customer support.

Energy efficiency and environmental consciousness are central to our workshop vacuum designs ensuring not performance but also eco friendly operation. By prioritising sustainability we help businesses lower their carbon footprint while maintaining cleanliness standards.

Why Spilvac Stands Out in the Workshop Vacuum Industry

The reason, behind Spilvacs success in the workshop vacuum sector goes beyond our high quality vacuum systems. It stems from our core values of excellence, innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction. Our workshop vacuums, manufactured in Australia are tailored to cater to the requirements of industries frm ming to commercial and industrial sectors. When businesses opt for Spilvac they’re not just buying a vacuum – they’re buying a product that aids their efficiency while prioritizing cleanliness and safety standards.


SV-100-D-38-RTG or SV-100-D-50-RTG, SV-100-38-D or SV-100-50-D