Light Workshop Floor Cleaning Including Powder Coating – Spilvac Vacuum

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  • SV-100-D-38-RTG or SV-100-D-50-RTG

Light Workshop Floor Cleaning Spilvac Vacuum Overview

Key Features:

  • Models: SV-100-D-38-RTG and SV-100-D-50-RTG
    • Tailored for workshop floor cleaning.
    • Effective for a range of residues: from metal grinding dust to power coating remnants and Garnet.
  • High Suction Power:
    • Delivers an impressive 17 inches of high vacuum.
  • “Plug & Play” Design:
    • User-friendly and easy to set up.
  • Long-Lasting & Maintenance-Free:
    • Built without moving parts.
    • Hassle-free upkeep; just replace filter cartridges.

Components Included:

  • Drum-Lid Assembly:
    • Powerful feature for dry vacuum tasks.
  • 200 Litre Epoxy Lined Metal Drum:
    • Heavy-duty design ensures durability.
  • Additional Tools & Accessories:
    • Comes with a drum dolly for mobility.
    • Choice of 38mm or 50mm Anti-Static suction hose.
    • Accompanying floor tool and vacuum wand.
    • 2.5-meter self-store earthing wire with a clip.
    • Standard dry type filter cartridge.
    • Drum reinforcing rings to ensure drum stability.

Technical Details:

  • Operates using 80 cfm @80 psi of compressed air.
  • Ensures safe and straightforward vacuum cleaning.


  • A perfect solution for workshop floor cleaning.
  • A one-time investment with minimal maintenance.
  • Simple and safe operation for any user.

SV-100-D-38-RTG or SV-100-D-50-RTG, SV-100-38-D or SV-100-50-D