9 Signs It’s Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Drum Top Vacuum

Posted October 17, 2023

Imagine you’re in the middle of an important cleaning session and your trusty drum top vacuum starts acting up. Your heart sinks. “Not now,” you think. Well, if your vacuum has been showing signs of wear and tear, maybe it’s trying to tell you something. Read on to figure out if it’s time to consider an upgrade or replacement.

Decreased Suction Power

The heart and soul of any vacuum is its suction power. Over time, you might notice that your drum top vacuum isn’t picking up debris or dust as efficiently as it once did. This isn’t just about a bit of dust left behind; it affects the entire cleaning efficiency. If the power’s waning, it could be a sign of internal wear or a filter issue, signalling that an upgrade might be in the cards.

Frequent Clogging Issues

Now, think about those frustrating moments when the vacuum clogs up, interrupting your workflow. Continuous clogging isn’t just a minor inconvenience. It can lead to incomplete cleaning, posing health risks, especially in industrial settings where clean environments are crucial. Repeated clogs hint at a deeper problem, maybe it’s the design or perhaps the wear has made certain parts vulnerable.

Excessive Noise Production

Nobody likes a ruckus, especially not from their vacuum. While some noise is expected, an excessive or unusual clamour isn’t. Such sounds can be a cry for help from the machine, suggesting internal issues or misalignments.

Evident Physical Damage

A quick once-over of your vacuum can also be quite revealing. Notice any cracks, dents, or broken bits? These aren’t just cosmetic issues. Physical damage can lead to reduced performance or even pose safety hazards. Using a compromised vacuum isn’t worth the risk.

Increased Energy Consumption

Here’s something many might overlook: the energy bill. If your vacuum’s drawing more power than usual, it’s not only bad for your pocket but also the environment. Efficient machinery is the need of the hour, and an energy-guzzling vacuum might just need a replacement.

Inconsistent Performance

One day it’s working fine, the next day it’s not. Sound familiar? Inconsistent performance can be maddening and makes it difficult to maintain cleaning standards. If the vacuum’s behaving unpredictably, it’s a clear indication of underlying issues.

Age of the Equipment

Everything has an expiry date, even robust industrial equipment. General wear and tear over years of use can take its toll. While there’s no strict age limit, if your vacuum’s been around for a considerable time, it might be worth considering its current performance against newer models.

Difficulty in Finding Replacement Parts

Let’s face it, hunting for parts for older models is neither fun nor cost-effective. Sometimes, the effort and money spent in sourcing these parts can exceed the cost of a new unit. And if manufacturers have moved on to newer models, it might be time for you too.

Frequent Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance is part and parcel of equipment care, but if your vacuum’s spending more time being repaired than being used, it’s a glaring sign. Regular breakdowns can be disruptive and often, the cost and effort of repeated repairs might outweigh the benefits of simply getting a new unit.

While we’re on the topic of drum top vacuums, it’s worth noting a few things that make a vacuum truly stand out. Features such as robust construction, easy-to-clean filters, energy efficiency, and user-friendly controls are just a few aspects that define a top-notch vacuum. So, if you’re in the market for a new one, keep an eye out for these features.

In the realm of industrial vacuum solutions, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game. And sometimes, that means acknowledging when your equipment is past its prime. Whether it’s evident physical damage, frequent breakdowns, or just the age of the equipment, these signs are your vacuum’s way of telling you it’s time for a change.

At Spilvac, we understand the significance of high-quality, efficient, and reliable equipment. With over a decade’s experience in manufacturing industrial vacuums in Brisbane, we’re committed to delivering only the best. So, if your drum top vacuum’s showing any of these signs, perhaps it’s time to consider an upgrade. We’re here to help guide that decision.