7 Key Features to Look for in a Drum Top Vacuum

Posted October 17, 2023

When you are looking for an industrial vacuuming system, drum top vacuums appear to be a great solution. They offer numerous benefits to industrial work settings. Drum top vacuums streamline material handling into and out of drums. The right system makes transferring powders, flakes, and bulk solids cleaner and more efficient. Here are 7 must-have features to look for when selecting an industrial drum vacuum. You can use this article as a comprehensive drum top vacuum buying guide as well. 

Powerful Suction Capabilities 

Powerful suction is one of the most important features to look for in a drum top vacuum. The suction capabilities of a vacuum would determine its overall functionality. Strong suction quickly cleans drum interiors. It removes stuck material thoroughly. High CFM ratings ensure fast drum cleaning. Look for at least 150 CFM suction power. Powerful suction saves time cleaning drums. You will enjoy the overall functionality that it can offer. 

Ergonomic Design

When it comes to purchasing industrial equipment, you should focus more on the design. All industrial equipment needs to feature an ergonomic design. Compact and lightweight vacuums increase mobility. They make positioning over drum openings simple. Tilting, swivelling and grips reduce worker strain. These ergonomic features improve comfort and control. As a result, you will be able to ensure the overall well-being of your workers. On top of that, you can enhance their productivity as well. 

Flexible Tubing

The flexibility of tubing is one of the vacuum features for industrial drums that you should think of. Clear anti-static tubes work with different hose sizes and lengths. Curved and straight wands simplify accessing all drum areas. Durable tubes withstand kinks and abrasion. Flexible tubes optimise drum cleaning access as well. Hence, you should consider it as one of the criteria for selecting vacuuming drums. It can provide much-needed operational convenience to you. 

HEPA Filtration

HEPA filtration is one of the top qualities in drum top vacuums you can find. It is recommended to stick to a drum top vacuum with a HEPA filtration system at all times. HEPA filters capture fine particles for clean exhaust air. Minimum 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns protects air quality. Large filter areas last longer between changes. With the help of HEPA filters, it is possible for you to significantly improve air purity. As a result, you can create a safe working environment for everyone within the industrial facility.  

Quiet Operation

While analysing vacuum specifications for drum handling, you need to take a look at its noise levels. It is important to keep the voice level low as much as possible. Noise levels under 70 decibels allow normal communication. Sound insulation ensures vacuums don’t worsen loud industrial settings. Quieter operation reduces fatigue. This is why you need to look for hushed drum vacuum models. It will contribute a lot towards the betterment of the workplace setting. 

Spark-Resistant Materials

One of the most important drum vacuum selection tips to keep in mind is the type of material used for construction. This is where you should stick to a drum top vacuum made out of spark-resistant materials. Non-sparking parts like anti-static hoses and ground wires prevent dust ignition. Explosion-proof motors add safety in volatile atmospheres. These minimise fire risks when vacuuming dust.

Mobility of the Drum Top Vacuum 

Among industrial drum vacuum must-haves, mobility is something that you shouldn’t ignore. It is also one of the important traits in drum top cleaning equipment to keep in mind. Compact sizes, wheeled bases and lift hooks enable drum transport. Forklift channels allow easy repositioning. Good manoeuvrability makes vacuuming in different locations easy. Optimal mobility improves productivity. In other words, it will be possible for you to complete work within a short period. 

Final words 

The best drum top vacuums match power with ergonomics, flexibility, and mobility. Smart controls, quiet operation, strong suction, and easy maintenance also help optimise drum cleaning productivity. Considering these key technical features ensures picking the ideal vacuum for your needs. 

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