Top 8 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for 2023

Posted June 15, 2023

When managing an industrial facility, you need to maintain a clean environment free of debris. This is where an industrial vacuum cleaner can help. These industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners are different from ordinary vacuum cleaners. They come along with robust features to tackle tough industrial environments. You should be careful to pick the best industrial vacuum cleaner available out there. Here is a list of the top 8 options that you can consider getting as of now. 

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-60-38-D

Industrial Vacuum

If you are looking for an efficient industrial vacuum cleaner, this is a great option to consider. It comes with a single Venturi head. There is a 60cfm input in this vacuum cleaner. Likewise, you can find a 38mm suction output. Among commercial vacuum cleaners, this product holds a prominent place. 

You can get multiple components along with the purchase of this industrial vacuum cleaner. For example, it comes with a 39mm vacuum wand and floor tool. Moreover, you can get 4 meters of antistatic smooth bore PVC hose. 

The primary objective of this vacuum cleaner is to ensure performance. It is also capable of ensuring employee safety and energy efficiency. Similar to most heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, it has an operating pressure of 8- PSI. You should make sure not to exceed this operating pressure when using the vacuum cleaner. It will not enhance the performance of the vacuum cleaner by any means. Instead, you will end up with wasting more energy. On top of that, it can lead to high noise levels. Such noise levels can be harmful to the employees. Keep this in mind and buy the vacuum cleaner to get the desired results. 

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-100-38-D

Industrial Vacuum

If you are on the lookout for upright vacuum cleaners, this is a good option to consider. It comes along with some robust features. The product has a 100cfm input and a Venturi head. You can receive a 38mm diameter section output. This provides the flexibility that you need to do many configurations. For example, you can get a high airflow or vacuum as per your needs. All you have to do is to pick the right configuration based on your cleaning needs.

Similar to its counterpart, this vacuum cleaner also provides an 80 PSI operating pressure. You should strictly adhere to this operating pressure when using it. It is quite tempting to go beyond this limit. That’s because you will assume that it will help you to get more work done. However, these vacuum cleaners don’t work like that. By going above the recommended limit, you will just be wasting your energy. It will also result in unwanted sound pollution.

If you are on the lookout for upright vacuum cleaners, consider buying this. It is ideal for anyone who look for energy efficiency and performance optimization. You can also enhance employee safety when using this vacuum cleaner. We strongly recommend it for most industrial cleaning tasks around.

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-120-38-D

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-120-38-D

While on the lookout for stick vacuum cleaners, this is a good option that you can consider. It comes with a standard dry-use filter. You can easily get most of your work around the industrial space with the help of this. It is capable of delivering a high airflow. Moreover, you can get a high vacuum efficiency. Before you purchase this vacuum cleaner, you have the freedom to adjust it. This will make you end up buying a vacuum cleaner that can cater to all your needs. It can effectively clean up dust and debris while helping you save time. 

Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is its energy efficiency. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money when using it. The vacuum cleaner also provides a quiet operation. It is safe for all employees at your industrial property. While using the vacuum cleaner, you should stick to the operating pressure of 80 PSI. Then you can get the most results out of it. 

The long-lasting design of this vacuum cleaner is quite outstanding. That’s one of the main reasons we recommend it for industrial spaces. You can expect to receive the right combination of energy efficiency and safety from it. 

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-200-38-D

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-120-38-D

If you prefer to get one of the HEPA vacuum cleaners, you may consider buying this. It is ideal for industrial facilities. That’s mainly because of the high suction power. You can also get a long hose with the vacuum cleaner. As a result, accessing difficult areas will not be a challenging experience while using it. 

This vacuum cleaner has a twin venturi head. It has a 38mm vacuum wand as well. Moreover, you can get 4 meters of PVC hose. Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is its versatile floor tool. By using this floor tool, you may continue to use the vacuum cleaner on multiple floor surfaces. You can enhance the versatility of the vacuum cleaner with it. It has a durable dry-use filter as well. This will ensure that you can continue to use the vacuum cleaner for a long time.

Even though this is an industrial vacuum cleaner, it comes with a lightweight design. The compact design will help you to transport it easily. Moreover, the ergonomic handle of the vacuum cleaner can make your life easy. Durable construction will make sure that you continue to use the vacuum cleaner for a long time. 

Industrial Vacuum – Wet SV-100-38-W

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-200-38-D

This is a fantastic choice to consider if you’re searching for an effective industrial vacuum cleaner. There is just one Venturi head included. This vacuum cleaner has a 60cfm input. Likewise, a 38mm suction output is available. This device is a standout among commercial vacuum cleaners. It has one of the best dust collection systems in a vacuum cleaner. 

When you buy this commercial vacuum cleaner, you can also acquire other accessories. For instance, a 39mm vacuum wand and floor tool are included. You may also obtain 4 meters of PVC hose with an antistatic smooth bore. 

Performance assurance is the main goal of this vacuum cleaner. It can also guarantee energy efficiency and worker safety. It operates at 8 PSI, which is similar to the working pressure of the majority of heavy-duty vacuums. When using the vacuum cleaner, ensure careful not to go above this operating pressure. In no way will it improve the vacuum cleaner’s performance. Instead, you’ll use more energy than you intended to. Additionally, it may result in excessive noise levels. Employee health may be harmed by such loud levels. Consider this before making your vacuum purchase to get the desired outcomes. 

Industrial Vacuum – Wet SV-120-38-W

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-120-38-D

When buying an industrial vacuum cleaner, you should be mindful of cleaning supplies. This vacuum cleaner comes with all the cleaning supplies you need. For industrial establishments, it is perfect. That is mostly due to the strong suction force. Along with the vacuum cleaner, a long hose is available. Accessing hard regions won’t be a difficult experience when utilizing it as a result. 

The dual venturi head of this vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it features a 38mm vacuum wand. You may also obtain a 4-meter PVC hose. The floor tool on this vacuum cleaner is another fantastic feature. You may continue to operate the vacuum cleaner on various floor surfaces by utilizing this floor tool. With it, you may increase the vacuum cleaner’s adaptability. Additionally, it contains a sturdy dry usage filter. This will guarantee that you can use the vacuum cleaner for an extended period of time.

Despite being an industrial vacuum cleaner, it has a lightweight construction. You may move it around with ease because to its small size. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner’s ergonomic handle may make your life simpler. A lengthy period of usage of the vacuum cleaner is ensured by its sturdy construction.

Industrial Vacuum – Wet SV-200-50-W

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-120-38-D

Among wet/dry vacuum cleaners, this product holds a prominent place. It is among the most versatile vacuum cleaners you can find around as well. It comes with a twin venturi head and a 200cfm input. You can get a better 50mm suction output. This can even compete with the best steam vacuum cleaners available around. 

The most notable feature of this product is its washable wet and dry-use filter. This is a spun polyester filter. This filter makes the product one of the best industrial vacuum cleaners available. You can get a 4-meter PVC hose with the vacuum cleaner. It will help you with reaching difficult to access areas with ease. This high-performance industrial vacuum also provides a 50mm wander tool. 

You can expect this vacuum cleaner to deliver a better performance. That’s because it comes with advanced vacuuming technologies. When combined with superior dust extraction devices, you can receive impressive results. It can provide maximum protection to industrial employees from hazardous environments. Moreover, it can provide a silent operation without any noise. 

Industrial Vacuum – Wet SV-60-38-W

Industrial Vacuum – Dry SV-200-38-D

When looking for superior dust extraction devices, this is a good option to try. It has a 60cfm input and a single venturi head. A 38mm suction output is superior and is available. Even the greatest steam vacuum cleaners now on the market cannot match this. 

The product’s washable wet and dry usage filter is its standout feature. This filter is made of spun polyester. The device is one of the greatest industrial vacuum cleaners on the market thanks to its filter. A 4-meter PVC hose is included with the vacuum. It will make it easier for you to access regions that are tough to get to. Another feature of this powerful industrial vacuum is a 38mm wander tool. 

You may anticipate higher performance from this vacuum. This is because it has cutting-edge vacuuming technology. You might get excellent results by using better dust extraction tools. It can provide industrial workers with the most protection possible from dangerous surroundings. Additionally, it can operate quietly and without making any noise.

Final words

You are now familiar with the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons for 2023. It is up to you to go through these options and pick the best vacuum cleaner that caters to your needs. However, you should also be careful to buy your vacuum cleaner from a place that you can trust. That’s where you need to stick to Spilvac. 

Spilvac is a leading industrial vacuum cleaner supplier based out there in Australia. They offer unique and functional vacuum cleaners. There is something for every industrial facility at this vacuum cleaner as well. You can get an exceptional performance regardless of the model that you buy. Take a look at the collection now and buy the best out of them.