How Medium to Large Blast Booths Garnet Clean-Up Vacuums Revolutionise Workflow Efficiency in Modern Facilities

Posted October 20, 2023

Industrial blasting is an essential process across manufacturing, construction, and other sectors. However, the garnet abrasive media used in blasting creates significant cleanup challenges. Efficiently capturing this dust and grit is critical for safety and productivity. That’s why today’s most advanced facilities rely on specialised garnet vacuums designed for medium to large blast booths. These powerful systems revolutionise workflow by reducing downtime between blasting cycles while creating a cleaner working environment.

Faster Media Recovery Between Blasting

Powerful airflow and high capacity tanks mean garnet vacuums can quickly recover used media after blasting. This allows new parts to be moved in faster. Minimal containment dwell time optimises workflow.

Keeping the Booth Visible and Safe

Letting used garnet accumulate impairs visibility and creates slips and fall risks. Strong suction garnet vacuums keep the chamber clear for safer working conditions. Operators can observe the blasting process better.

Decreased Contamination of Parts and Equipment

Airborne garnet particles settle and contaminate everything. Efficient vacuums eliminate this nuisance dust to protect sensitive equipment. They also prevent media embedment into freshly blasted parts before coating or treatment.

Lower Consumption of New Garnet Media

Medium to large blast booths garnet clean-up vacuums that allow garnet loss due to poor containment force increased media purchases. High-performance systems conserve more media through efficient recovery, reducing operating costs.

Reduced Downtime for Maintenance

Powerful vacuums prevent garnet from passing through filters to damage impellers and other components. This results in less downtime for maintenance over the life of the equipment.

Flexible Configurations to Suit Each Facility

With modular designs and accessories, garnet vacuums can integrate into existing layouts without modification. Options like multiple inlets, wet/dry switching and static grounding enable customisation.

Built for Years of Reliable Service

Quality vacuums withstand the abrasion and moisture of garnet media. Robust components and smart features like automatic filter cleaning extend the operating life of the systems.

For today’s high-output blasting operations, efficient garnet clean-up is mandatory. Purpose-built vacuums like those from Spilvac generate the airflow needed for fast, effective media recovery in demanding environments. With expert engineering, they deliver the performance and reliability modern facilities expect.


Innovative garnet vacuums remove bottlenecks and obstacles to maximise blast booth productivity. By efficiently recovering media, they optimise workflows. With over 20 years experience engineering specialised industrial vacuums, Spilvac creates the powerful, durable systems facilities need to revolutionise blasting operations. Their solutions establish safer, cleaner and more efficient conditions.