Spilvac – No 1 for High Powered Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

In the world of industrial cleaning, having the appropriate equipment is crucial in keeping an safe environment. A High powered commercial vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to tackle tough cleaning tasks, making them essential in places like workshops, mining sites, manufacturing plants and other commercial settings. One standout name in this industry is Spilvac, a brand that produces quality Australian Made high powered vacuum cleaners known for their performance and reliability. Spilvac is highly regarded for our engineering. We are considered the go to choice for a variety of heavy duty cleaning needs.

Why do You Need High Powered Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

A High powered commercial  vacuum cleaner plays a vital role in manufacturing and general industry for several reasons. They provide superior suction power for efficiently removing heavy debris, fine dust particles and other pollutants from industrial surroundings. These vacuums are constructed to endure use in harsh conditions ensuring durability and dependability over time. They help maintain a clean work environment by enhancing air quality and reducing the likelihood of respiratory issues, among employees.

High Powered Vacuum Cleaners for Cleaning Up Workshops

Hign Powere Comercial vacuum Cleaner

Spilvac High Powered Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

In workshop environments where dust, metal fragments and other debris are constant challenges, having a dependable vacuum cleaner is indispensable.
Spilvacs SV 100 D, 38 RTG and SV 100, D 50 RTG “Ready to Go” Vacuum Kits are tailored for these purposes making them perfect for cleaning workshop floors. They can handle materials like metal grinding dust, power coating residue and even Garnet. These models can generate a huge  17 inches of high vacuum power showcasing exceptional performance.

Convenient Plug & Play Feature

A notable aspect of these Spilvac models is their user Plug & Play” setup. This means they are good to go out of the box without the need for installation processes. This ease of use is especially beneficial in workshop settings where time is crucial. The systems design ensures long term usability with minimal maintenance required, mainly changing the filter cartridges. This low maintenance approach improves durability and decreases the likelihood of repairs or replacements.

Spilvac High Powered Commercial Vacuum Cleaners are Perfect for Mining and Heavy Duty Tasks

Mining locations pose several challenges for cleaning equipment due to dust, debris and other pollutants present. Spilvac vacuums are purpose built to tackle these conditions effectively. The SV 100 D 38 RTG and SV 100 D 50 RTG models come equipped with Drum Lid assemblies designed for heavy vacuuming tasks.

Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with a 200 litre Epoxy Lined Heavy Duty metal drum and drum dolly making them ideal for the cleaning needs in mining and industrial environments. They boast high suction power and durability.

The powerful suction capability ensures removal of the tiniest dust particles from the air promoting a healthier work setting. With their metal drum construction and durable vacuum components these units can endure the harsh conditions often found at mining sites. Additionally, the Spilvac includes a 2.5 meter self storing Earthing Wire & clip ensures safety and compliance with regulations.

When it comes to manufacturing and commercial settings, maintaining cleanliness is essential for ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Spilvac vacuums shine in these environments due to their performance and user friendly design. The anti static suction hose, along with the matching floor tool and vacuum wand that come with the SV 100 D 38 RTG and SV 100 D 50 RTG models make cleaning these areas a breeze with little effort.

These Spilvac vacuums are crafted for energy efficiency utilising 80 cfm psi of air. This helps cut costs and also aligns with contemporary environmental guidelines.
Spilvac vacuums are known for their simplicity and safety making them ideal for many different uses. The standard dry type filter cartridge they come with helps maintain air quality by trapping dust and other particles.

Why Choose Spilvac for Your HIgh Powered Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Spilvac vacuums are proudly made in Australia showcasing excellent engineering and strict adherence to Australianstandards. This local production in Brisbane ensures that each vacuum is designed to meet the requirements of industries ranging from workshops to mining sites.

Spilvac Vacuums Become a Long Term Investment 

The SV 100 D 38 RTG and SV 100 D 50 RTG models from Spilvac are designed to become long term investments. With a low maintenance design requiring minimal  filter cartridge changes, these vacuums offer dependable service for many years. This durability leads to cost savings over time by reducing the need for repairs or replacements compared to other brands.

Complete Vacuum Kits

Spilvacs “Ready to Go” Vacuum Kits come equipped with everything for cleaning. This comprehensive package ensures users have all the tools and accessories, for handling a variety of cleaning tasks. The 4 metre anti static suction hose, matching floor tool and vacuum wand enhance the systems versatility and effectiveness.

Safety Features Upgrades

Ensuring safety remains a priority in all commercial settings. Spilvac vacuum cleaners come equipped with safety enhancements like the self storing wire and clip to prevent static buildup and ensure secure operation. These attributes establish Spilvac vacuums as a choice for high risk environments.

To sum it up, robust high powered commercial vacuum cleaners play an essential role in upholding cleanliness and safety standards in commercial, mining and industrial environements. Spilvac, known for its superior engineering, outstanding performance and diverse features emerges as the best option for workshop maintenance, mining operations and general manufacturing applications.

The Spilvac models SV 100 D 38 RTG and SV 100 D 50 RTG offer unmatched suction capabilities, durability and user convenience—making them perfect for tackling the most challenging cleaning tasks. Designed and produced in Australia, Spilvac vacuum cleaners epitomise quality and dependability providing users with a long term investment in cleanliness and operational efficiency.