7 Key Benefits of Medium to Large Blast Booths Garnet Clean-Up Vacuum Systems

Posted October 20, 2023

Blasting is a popular technique across many Australian industries to clean, smooth or otherwise alter metal, glass and other surfaces. However, the abrasive garnet media used in blasting must be efficiently cleaned up to maximize productivity. Selecting the right garnet vacuum system for medium to large blast booths can deliver significant benefits.

#1 Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Using the right garnet clean-up vacuum system in medium to large blast booths can significantly improve efficiency and productivity. Powerful suction and large capacity tanks mean less downtime emptying and maintaining the vacuum. Operators can focus on blasting rather than stopping to change filters or dump waste. An efficient vacuum system leads to more throughput and parts completed per shift.

#2 Reduced Cleanup Time

Efficient vacuum systems capture used garnet media quickly before it can be spread around the booth. This reduces time-consuming cleanup between blasting jobs. The operator can simply switch the vacuum inlet from one chamber to the next to efficiently collect used media. Less cleanup time means the blasting system can be put back into production faster.

#3 Lower Garnet Media Consumption

By capturing garnet efficiently, less media is lost during blasting operations. Efficient vacuum systems can pay for themselves over time by reducing the amount of new garnet media that needs to be purchased. Less wasted media also means less cleanup time between blasting cycles. This positively impacts the bottom line.

#4 Improved Visibility in the Blast Booth

Blasting with an inefficient vacuum leads to dust and used garnet accumulating in the booth, obstructing visibility. Good visibility allows the operator to monitor the blasting process better. Powerful vacuum systems keep the booth clear for better visibility and safer working conditions.

#5 Reduced Dust and Contaminants

Fine particles of dust, grit and blasting media can be harmful to operators and equipment if allowed to accumulate. A suitable garnet vacuum will capture these contaminants reliably and prevent them circulating around the working area. This promotes better air quality and protects personnel and equipment from damage.

#6 Lower Maintenance Costs

Efficient vacuum systems prevent abrasive garnet media from entering and damaging sensitive vacuum components. This reduces wear on filters, hoses, nozzles and moving parts. With less exposure to contaminants, maintenance costs are lower over the life of the equipment.

#7 Improved Surface Quality

Allowing used blasting media and dust to rebound back onto the blasted surface can impair quality. A powerful vacuum system removes contaminants efficiently before they impair surface finishes. This results in better end product quality with less rework required.

When selecting a garnet clean-up vacuum for medium to large blast booths, key factors to consider are sufficient airflow and suction power, large filter area, abrasion-resistant hose and components, high capacity waste collection capability and ease of maintenance. Investing in a suitable industrial vacuum pays dividends through improved productivity, reduced operating costs and better end product quality.

We are a leading Brisbane manufacturer Spilvac offers a range of heavy duty blast booth vacuum systems designed specifically to handle garnet media. With over 20 years experience supporting Australian industry, Spilvac can provide tailored solutions to improve efficiency and quality in all blasting applications. Their team of engineers provide expert advice on selecting the right filtration, capacity and features to suit each customer’s requirements.


In summary, garnet vacuum systems with high suction power, large capacity and abrasion resistance offer the best efficiency for medium to large blast booths. Investing in suitable vacuum equipment from experienced local suppliers like Spilvac provides an excellent return through reduced operating costs and improved productivity.