10 Essential Maintenance Tips for Extending the Life of Your Blast Pot Equipment

Posted October 31, 2023

Proper maintenance keeps blast pots running strong. Here are 10 tips:

#1 Inspect Blast Hoses

Check for leaks, cracks or loose connections. Replace damaged hoses before failure.

#2 Change Filters Regularly

Clogged filters reduce performance. Swap per manufacturer guidelines.

#3 Clean Media Separators

Clear buildup in cyclones and cartridge separators to prevent clogging.

#4 Lubricate Moving Parts

Apply grease to bearings, blower paddles and moving joints. This prevents wear.

#5 Check Safety Valves

Confirm pressure relief valves aren’t stuck. This averts potentail explosions.

#6 Confirm Gasket Seal

Replace leaky door and lid gaskets allowing media or vapor leaks.

#7 Inspect Electrical Components

Check wires and connections. Repair nicks, burnt spots and corrosion.

#8 Confirm Grounding

Verify grounding wires are intact. This prevents static electrical hazards.

#9 Wash Sumps

Remove residual media coating tanks after drainage to prevent corrosion.

#10 Test Safety Controls

Ensure emergency stops, pressure switches and alarms all function properly.

Following recommended maintenance procedures extends equipment lifetime.

FAQs About Blast Pot Maintenance

How often should blast pots be inspected?

Check pots thoroughly before each use for any damage or issues. Perform full periodic servicing per manufacturer guidelines.

What are signs a blast pot needs repair?

Watch for problems like air leaks, pressure loss, electrical malfunctions, smoking or strange smells indicating a needed repair.

How can I make blast pots last longer?

Follow all maintenance procedures like gasket and filter changes. Use recommended media that won’t damage tanks. Avoid overpressurisation.

What safety checks are essential?

Confirm grounding, leak-tight door seals, functional safety valves and controls, intact wiring and hoses, and proper pressure cycling.

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With regular inspection and preventative maintenance, blast pots enjoy maximum working life. But neglecting care shortens lifespan and raises safety issues. Follow essential tips like media separator cleaning, hose inspection and safety control testing. For experienced blast pot servicing, rely on specialists Spilvac.